Microsoft has released July 2014 CU for Lync Phone Edition

We are now officially into the 3rd quarter of 2014 and thus into the third round of patching. I know we did not see patches for Lync Server 2013 in the 2nd quarter, but one can assume the trend will not hold and patches will be coming soon. As a teaser Microsoft has released the Lync Phone Edition (LPE) update for Q3, their links are found below. It is always recommended to remain up-to-date with LPE patches regardless of the fixes included.

In this iteration of LPE a Daylight Savings Time (DST) issue is resolved for Egypt and Morocco…nothing exciting but keeping the phones up-to-date ensures you will not run into any patching issues with the next release. You will also notice the CX700/LG-Nortel 8540 was not included in the update cycle – does it not require the DST fix or is this simply Microsoft stating ever so gently to move off the old phones?

As noted in the comments below, the CX700 has NOT been updated since April but it is now included in the matrix below.





Lync Phone Edition (for Aastra 6721ip and Aastra 6725ip)



MS Download

Lync Phone Edition (for HP 4110 and HP 4120)



MS Download

Lync Phone Edition (for Polycom CX500, Polycom CX600, and Polycom CX3000)



MS Download

Lync Phone Edition (for Polycom CX700/LG-Nortel 8450)



MS Download

Additional Notes: 
Lync Server 2010 build number is 4.0.7577.230
Lync 2010 Client build number is 4.0.7577.4445
Lync Server 2013 build number is 5.0.8308.577
Lync 2013 Client build number is 15.0.4605.1003

Lync Group Chat build number is 4.0.7577. 4409
Lync Group Chat Server build number 4.0.7577.4409
Lync Group Chat Admin build number 4.0.7577.4409

Lync Attendee build number is 4.0.7577.4356
Lync Attendant build number is 4.0.7577.4098
Lync Phone Editions build number is 4.0.7577.4450
Lync Phone Edition (Tanjay) build number is 4.0.7577.4444

Lync 2010 for Windows Phone build number 4.3.8120.0
Lync 2010 for iPhone build number 4.7
Lync 2010 for iPad build number 4.7
Lync 2010 for Android build number 4.0.6509.3001

Lync 2013 for Windows Phone build number 5.4.1087.0
Lync 2013 for iPad build number 5.4
Lync 2013 for iPhone build number 5.4
Lync 2013 for Android build number 5.3.1100

Lync Basic 2013 build number is 15.0.4420.107
Lync VDI 2013 build number is 15.0.4420.1017

Exchange Connections

2011 Orlando, FL

Other than the rain in Orlando (who could have expected that, not me) Orlando is very nice this time of year. I am enjoying the location/hotel happy that my presentation went well yesterday, but a bit under-whelmed at the information presented this year. So much has happened at such a fast pace in 2010 and the beginning of 2011 yet nothing 'new' is being discussed. The cloud story is not new - in fact the idea is not new. Migrations and methods - definitely useful for those that are still on older systems (and there are a lot), but again nothing new. Rehashing the new features that have already been discussed in the products is the most relevant I suppose, in case you have not heard...but really, what we what needs to be shared is how to use the technology in an efficient manner and make sure you are already for the technology tomorrow.

Granted, I do have a slighted view but I do think the UC technology (on premise) is where the futures and cost savings of tomorrow are to be found. Reducing Telco costs using ITSP SIP trunking, enabling a remote  workforce, reducing travel expenses, all while improving time-to-market and customer/client satisfaction is exactly what Microsoft Lync has to offer.

If you are in Orlando for Exchange Connections make sure to stop at the EXC22: Enabling PSTN Communication Using the Internet and a SIP Trunk Provider with Lync Server (Tuesday, 10:15am in Tuscany B) where I will briefly discuss how to implement a SIP trunk using IntelePeer as an example.

MVP Summit 2011

Microsoft MVP Summit 2011, Redmond, WA

Another year as a Microsoft MVP and another year of insider NDA Microsoft information. Like every year information from Microsoft is given and it is bound by an NDA leaving no details to share. :)


As I sit in Sea-Tac airport with my wife, waiting to return home, I find myself without words to write. However, I can say that Microsoft has a vision, is working towards it, and exciting and new UC advances are coming our way. As I know more and can share it, I plan to post it here so stay tuned.