Nov 15 2012

Microsoft has released an Update for Lync 2010 Windows Phone Edition

Posted by Brian Ricks at 6:29 AM
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Microsoft has released an Update for Lync 2010 Windows Phone Edition

This week Microsoft released an update to the Lync 2010 application for Windows Phone. This update adds support new Windows Phone 8 devices.





Lync 2010 for Windows Phone



MS download

Additional Notes:

Lync Server 2010 build number is 4.0.7577.205
Lync Client build number is 4.0.7577.4356
Lync WP Client build number 4.3.8111.0000
Lync Group Chat build number is 4.0.7577.4102
Lync Group Chat Server build number 4.0.7577.4071
Lync Group Chat Admin build number 4.0.7577.4102
Lync Attendee build number is 4.0.7577.4356
Lync Attendant build number is 4.0.7577.4098
Lync Phone Editions build number is 4.0.7577.4100



Tom wrote on 11/17/12 8:55 AM

We re having an issue with our internal CA cert on WP8. It doesn't seem to install correctly so Lync Mobile is not working. We've done all updates and still only WP7 devices can connect. Have you seen this at all?
Brian Ricks

Brian Ricks wrote on 11/19/12 11:21 AM

@Tom - I have not although I have not specifically had an WP8 issues. On my Surface RT I was forced to load my internal CA certificate - this was not the case on my WP8 (Lumina 920). Is there a specific error that you are seeing and have you enabled client logs to see if there are an additional hints as to what is going on?

Tom wrote on 11/25/12 4:56 PM

We do not use an external certificate for our lync mobile environment. We load the internal CA cert on the devices and then the lync client knows the certificate is valid. The errors from the clients are root certificate errors. We have no issues with WP7.5 clients nor ipad and iphone clients.
Brian Ricks

Brian Ricks wrote on 03/20/13 10:36 AM

@Tom - I would get a log from the client as well as a SIP trace on the FE server(s). That will give you an explicit error code and hopefully more insight into the issue.

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